Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a day late

yesterday greg and i wisked off to the tropical Toledo, Ohio after work for a suprise birthday dinner for cookie. we didn't get home til almost midnight so I didnt have time to post for the day.

breakfast- yoplait cinnamon roll yogurt with apple slices.

lunch- the same ol.... side salad with a tomato and cottage cheese

dinner- now dinner was GREAT! stephanie cooked for us and she can cook for me any day. She made us Jambalaya with kielbasa, chicken and shrimp paired up with cheddar garlic biscuits. and if that wasn't amazing enough she topped off the evening with chocolate molten lava cakes garnished with vanilla ice cream and fresh berries. this dessert was so spectacular that i had to include it in my dinner shot instead of sticking it in the snack section like i normally do. ohhh man was it so wonderful, she really out did herself last night!

snacks- SHSE pizza, honey wheat pretzels, an orange, strawberries, and carrots with ranch.

last night was such a great time, even though it was tough to wake up for work this morning due to lack of sleep. and the best part, even though i had no control over what our dinner was going to be, and then indulged in dessert... i only went over 3 points for the day!!!
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