Sunday, June 7, 2009

yesterday and today

yesterday my brother doug and his wife came to visit. between being busy with them, and starting to feel sick i opted out of posting last night and went straight to bed... so here is a collage of everything i ate yesterday.


last night i ended up sleeping for 14 hours straight.... needless to say i woke up and the sickness had hit me full force. fever, horrible hoarse cough, sore throat and headache from the coughing, dizzy, and exhausted. so i started my day off with chicken noodle soup for breakfast... then whipped up some pancakes for lunch and a turkey taco for dinner.

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  1. can you email me your pancake recipe, I can't find one that is less than 2pts per pancake. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. oooo i would like your recipe! i just use bisquick, which is 26 points for a whole batch but i always split it with greg, so it's 13 for half.. i don't get to eat them often since they are so high in points, but since i was sick yesterday I hadn't eaten much so i had the points!

  3. I just use a vegan recipe so that Craig can eat them also. If you are really still interested I will email you the recipe.