Monday, June 8, 2009

coughy cough cough

i worked the AM shift this morning and couldnt stop coughing so i called in and got a sub for the afternoon. my head hurts so bad from this hoarse cough and i've had enough!!

heres my whole day-
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monday weigh-in

instead of making my end of the week collage of all the food for the week i decided to break it into meals this week.

my week in breakfasts and lunches-

my week in dinners- (yes i know there are 9 squares, but one was my corn that was part of my dinner one night, and one night i ate pancakes and a taco... not at the same time hah, due to extra points)

a week's worth of snacks-
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and as far as my monday morning weigh-in... i'm down 2.8 pounds this week!

5-04 ... 205.2
5-11 ... 201.4
5-25 ... 206.4
6-01 ... 202.4
6-08 ... 199.6

which brings me to -6.8 pounds thusfar

Sunday, June 7, 2009





snacks- A non fat chocolate and vanilla swirl frozen yogurt from Costco, 2 Hawaiian Rolls, a pepperoni stick, a WW cookies n cream ice cream bar, a Strawberry Mott's 100% Juice Ice bar.
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yesterday and today

yesterday my brother doug and his wife came to visit. between being busy with them, and starting to feel sick i opted out of posting last night and went straight to bed... so here is a collage of everything i ate yesterday.


last night i ended up sleeping for 14 hours straight.... needless to say i woke up and the sickness had hit me full force. fever, horrible hoarse cough, sore throat and headache from the coughing, dizzy, and exhausted. so i started my day off with chicken noodle soup for breakfast... then whipped up some pancakes for lunch and a turkey taco for dinner.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

busy day!



dinner- turkey tacos!


and YES i did chop off my hair today.... i LOVE IT!!!
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


breakfast- crispix and a serving of super sweet strawberries

lunch- salad and cottage cheese

dinner- a chicken tender with lettuce, shredded cheese and ranch dressing in a tortilla

snacks- SHSE pizza, yoplait white chocolate and strawberry yogurt, strawberries (yes, MORE strawberries! i told you they were super sweet!!), honey wheat pretzels, a fiber plus bar, FFSF chocolate pudding

I was kind of bummed tonight because Applebees was having Teacher Appreciation Day and a bunch of people from work were meeting up for dinner... they were offering 99 cent entrees.. and i really wanted to go... but alas i knew nothing good would come of it nutrition wise so i stayed home... booooo!

in unrelated news, i have a hair appointment tomorrow! I kidna really want to chop off all my hair, but have my reservations... this should be interesting!!

a day late

yesterday greg and i wisked off to the tropical Toledo, Ohio after work for a suprise birthday dinner for cookie. we didn't get home til almost midnight so I didnt have time to post for the day.

breakfast- yoplait cinnamon roll yogurt with apple slices.

lunch- the same ol.... side salad with a tomato and cottage cheese

dinner- now dinner was GREAT! stephanie cooked for us and she can cook for me any day. She made us Jambalaya with kielbasa, chicken and shrimp paired up with cheddar garlic biscuits. and if that wasn't amazing enough she topped off the evening with chocolate molten lava cakes garnished with vanilla ice cream and fresh berries. this dessert was so spectacular that i had to include it in my dinner shot instead of sticking it in the snack section like i normally do. ohhh man was it so wonderful, she really out did herself last night!

snacks- SHSE pizza, honey wheat pretzels, an orange, strawberries, and carrots with ranch.

last night was such a great time, even though it was tough to wake up for work this morning due to lack of sleep. and the best part, even though i had no control over what our dinner was going to be, and then indulged in dessert... i only went over 3 points for the day!!!
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Monday, June 1, 2009

i'm hungry

i finished dinner about an hour ago, and i'm still really hungry. but i refuse to use my flex points. this sucks.

breakfast- yoplait white chocolate and strawberry yogurt and a fiber plus bar

lunch- salad with a tomato and cottage cheese

dinner- chicken sausage with a bun and ketchup along side a serving of pita chips

snacks- SHSE pizza, a slice of wheat bread with one tablespoon of Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter, an orange, edemame, fruit chews, carrots and ranch, FFSF chocolate pudding in 2 cones each topped with one mini marshmallow.

is it time for breakfast yet??
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here is my food for last week. however it is only 6 days worth, not 7. i didnt start taking pictures until tuesday last week.


also, i'd like to report that after falling off the wagon for 2 weeks, i got back on track and lost 4 pounds this week.

5-04 ... 205.2
5-11 ... 201.4
5-25 ... 206.4
6-01 ... 202.4

Sunday, May 31, 2009


today was spent doing family things in cleveland.

breakfast- i had cinnamon oatmeal at Doug & michele's house while they went out with greg for breakfast. i had no desire to sit and watch them get to eat delicious things.

lunch- my leftover subway from last night. 6 inch turkey sub on monterrey cheedar bread with double lettuce and double tomato.

dinner- family friends, the krammers, had our whole family over (my mom, dad, both brothers and their wives, greg and i) for BBQ. I had a cheeseburger with a tomato and some ketchup, a serving of grilled potatos, side salad, and then some random veggies. for dessert they brought out cake, i didnt eat it!

snacks- a fiber plus bar, apples, fruit chews, and last but not least i had 80% of a Crunch Crisp bar that i bought at the rest stop. i had 4 points left for the day and nothing to eat.. and since we werent getting home til after 11pm i decided to go for a candy bar. i gave 20 percent of it to greg as to just use the points i had left and not dig into my flex points.... it was so worth it.
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Doug's birthday party

What a tough day! Greg and I drove to Cleveland to attend my brother Doug's suprise 30th birthday party. And what better place to celebrate your 30th birthday than at laser tag!! It was pretty great and i think he was suprised, even though he claims he knew about it the whole time (liar!). Anyways, with a party comes tons of food and cake... which i took no part of at all! thats right, not one chip, one slice of pizza, on sliver of cake, NOTHING!

breakfast- Strawberry shortcake yogurt

lunch- we grabbed some Chick-fil-A on the way in to Cleveland (per dougs request)... i had the points so I enjoyed a Chick-fil-A chicken sandich with medium fries. sooooooooooo good!

dinner- this was tough. we had the party room at laser tag which was filled with pizza and pop... i can't tell you how good it smelled and looked.... and i debated the whole time we were there but decided not to dig in. so during the way back to dougs house we made a side trip to subway so i could pick up something that i was able to fit into my points, as i knew there would be nothing but cake and goodies. I had a 6 inch turkey sub on montery jack cheese bread with double lettuce and double tomato.

snacks- easy does it today.... a fiber plus bar and apple slices.

all in all it was a tough food day. i have been sitting around temptation all day... and am currently sitting about 15 feet from an incredible looking birthday cake. hopefully tomorrow will be easier!
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Friday, May 29, 2009


ohhh what a yummy day!!

breakfast- Yoplait White Chocolate and Strawberry yogurt with a fiber plus bar

lunch- salad and cottage cheese

dinner- tukey tacos! one soft and one hard with lettuce, tomato, cheese and taco sauce. and an ear of corn. YUM!

snacks- SHSE pizzas, apple slices, edamame, an orange, carrots and ranch, and for dessert i had a little fun and put my fat free sugar free chocolate pudding inside of ice cream cones and topped with mini marshmallows... ice cream cones= 0 points and add a little something.
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tomorrow we are off to cleveland for the weekend.... my brothers birthday party is saturday and sunday is more time with the family. i'm so excited but am not looking forward to the food challenges that come along with traveling and parties!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


spot on with my points yet again... woo!

breakfast- Quaker Oats brown sugar oatmeal squares

lunch- salad with tomatos and fat free italian, cottage cheese

dinner- whole wheat pasta with broccoli, shrimp (marinaded in chivettas) topped with Marzetti's blue cheese italian vinnagarette and an ear of corn (which was FABULOUS!!!)

snacks- supurb-y herby sauce exposed pizzas, fiber plus bar, carrots with ranch, an orange, fruit chews, apple slices, and for dessert i had fat free sugar free chocolate pudding with baby marshmellows!
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