Monday, June 8, 2009

monday weigh-in

instead of making my end of the week collage of all the food for the week i decided to break it into meals this week.

my week in breakfasts and lunches-

my week in dinners- (yes i know there are 9 squares, but one was my corn that was part of my dinner one night, and one night i ate pancakes and a taco... not at the same time hah, due to extra points)

a week's worth of snacks-
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and as far as my monday morning weigh-in... i'm down 2.8 pounds this week!

5-04 ... 205.2
5-11 ... 201.4
5-25 ... 206.4
6-01 ... 202.4
6-08 ... 199.6

which brings me to -6.8 pounds thusfar

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  1. Courtney! that kicks ass, great job!! your food looks so yummy. you should be my personal chef! haha!!!