Wednesday, June 3, 2009


breakfast- crispix and a serving of super sweet strawberries

lunch- salad and cottage cheese

dinner- a chicken tender with lettuce, shredded cheese and ranch dressing in a tortilla

snacks- SHSE pizza, yoplait white chocolate and strawberry yogurt, strawberries (yes, MORE strawberries! i told you they were super sweet!!), honey wheat pretzels, a fiber plus bar, FFSF chocolate pudding

I was kind of bummed tonight because Applebees was having Teacher Appreciation Day and a bunch of people from work were meeting up for dinner... they were offering 99 cent entrees.. and i really wanted to go... but alas i knew nothing good would come of it nutrition wise so i stayed home... booooo!

in unrelated news, i have a hair appointment tomorrow! I kidna really want to chop off all my hair, but have my reservations... this should be interesting!!

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